Counter in Personality over Physical Appearance

Why do people instantly like someone with a beautiful face? What are the chances you’ll attract people even if you’re not really attractive? How does it feel like having people hover over you without putting too much effort? *thanks to your pretty face* Maybe you ask the same questions as me because: 1. I have [...]


Waiting Game

She was sitting on the farthest side of the classroom beside the window. The professor was late as always. Everyone is talking. She wonder how can people talk so much.  She’s bored and her thoughts are drifting. She’s sleepy as always. The noise is draining her energy. “Hey”, he said. “You’re flying again”, he flashes [...]

Finding Clarity

For the past few months, I’ve been reading a lot of books and articles about HAPPINESS.  At my age and state, I usually ask myself “Why can’t I be a happy person?” I started feeling depressed. Not because I’m broke or failed my relationships. Most of the time I try to display a strong and [...]