Miguel Hernández Library

In a world full of e-books, medium, facebook and google, I still find myself reading stuff traditionally. There are days when I crave for the smell of pages from old books. I was lucky enough to belong in a generation who witnessed how mostly everything transitioned from traditional to digital.

I’ve been preparing for an exam and I needed a quiet environment so I could study peacefully, so where else should I go?

I googled “nearest library near me”, and ooof, I’ve had three choices. Contemplating on the travel time and convenience, I chose this underrated library located at Ayala Triangle and lo and behold! I found a happy place.

Honestly, I’ve had a hard time looking for the library as I was just relying on google maps. I got lost twice (thanks to Kuya security guard at Ayala Triangle lol), but then I found my way.

The library was conveniently located at:

Instituto Cervantes de Manila, G/F Ayala Tower I, Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue, Makati City

It’s inside Tower 1 Building, you don’t need to log at the reception as the library is open to the public. No library fee as well, but members have the privilege of borrowing books for up to two weeks.

The staff are welcoming and so kind, which made the place more homey.

Since this is a Spanish library, you’ll find books, collection of documents and audio-materials about history and culture of Spain. The library was first opened in 1993.

It can conveniently accommodate atleast 16 persons. There are study tables, lamps for reading and even a soft couch if you want to just read and chill.

I didn’t really browse the books as my goal is to find a quiet place to review but the calmness of this place is really inviting, hence, I made it a habit to go there every Saturday.

Library hours:

Tuesday to Friday – 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (borrowing up to 5:45 PM)

Saturday – 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM (borrowing up to 3:45 PM)

Sunday and Monday – closed

Personally, I would highly recommend this place for those who want to escape a noisy everyday life and just want to read.