Sunflower Maze: Tayug Pangasinan

Prepare to have Eyegasm

This stunning land architecture is located in Eastern Pangasinan, the Municipality of Tayug. For about two months each year, this place in Northern Luzon bursts into color – yellows and greens sprout up along the rich farms of the province.

I went here early 2017, just in time when the garden is a hot pick for weekend travellers. Since I’m a sucker for sunflowers, I was very excited to check out the farm.

Amazingly, its not just the sunflowers. There are tons of flowers blooming in here.

The farm is owned by a company called Allied Botanical Corporation. According to their registration staff, the farm accommodates atleast 1,500 visitors a day. Early 2017, ABC spearheaded the A-Maze-ing Sunflower demonstration in Barangay C. Lichauco, Tayug, Pangasinan.

There are other crops here like squash, eggplants, watermelons, tomatoes, and even ornamental plants. Visitors can buy fresh veggies and seeds from the farmers 😉

My Personal Tips when going around the farm:

1. Do a little research, go at the right time of the year. Sunflowers commonly bloom during summer with the middle of it as the peak season.

2. Bring some protection. Apply sunscreen and bring summer hat. I won’t recommend umbrellas, personally for me its always better to have both hands free while roaming around.

3. Respect farm rules. Don’t step on the plants. You can always enjoy taking photos for your new social media post but harming nature just to get that instagrammable shot is not cool.

4. Wear comfy clothes and shoes. Remember that you go here during summer season so expect it to be a sweaty walk around. Bring your shades and tumbler of water.

5. If you have extra money on hand, buy veggies or goodies from the farmers around the area. There’s a few who sell plant seeds, refreshments and some souvenirs. Show a little appreciation on their hardwork.


16 thoughts on “Sunflower Maze: Tayug Pangasinan

  1. You have beautiful photography and writing. I love the color and lighting. I enjoy the tips as well. Thank you for sharing such beauty. I’m definitely inspired! 😊♥️


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