Waiting Game

She was sitting on the farthest side of the classroom beside the window. The professor was late as always. Everyone is talking. She wonder how can people talk so much. 

She’s bored and her thoughts are drifting. She’s sleepy as always. The noise is draining her energy.

“Hey”, he said. “You’re flying again”, he flashes the same genuine smile he give her everyday. She give him a nod and the usual shy brief smile. 

“Do you have an answer on question number 4?” he asked. She pulled out her notes from her bag and showed him. He started comparing their answers. She’s looking at him quietly with pure admiration. When he looks up she turned her face back to the window again.

He started writing something on her notes and handed over to her. “So what do you think?”, he was pouting. “Is he coming over or we all go to the mall again?”, he grinned and look at his watch. “Only 15 minutes left” he winked. This time he stood up and started walking back to his friends. 

He’s the smartest guy in the room and she knows that he’s doing this stint from time to time so he can talk to her. Every week, every month, every year. Small talks here and there. 

She likes him very much. 


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